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      สมัคร สล็อต ง่ายๆ


      WHO ARE WE?

      We are the Green Destinations Foundation. A non-profit anisation for sustainable destination development and recognition based in the Netherlands.

      Together with our partners we support more than 200 destinations in 60 countries to deliver responsible tourism based upon globally recognized principles and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

      “Empowering local communities to make tourism sustainable”

      WHY JOIN US?


      • We offer an affordable and easy-to-use GSTC-accredited Certification program.
      • More than any other certifier, we offer destination recognition and visibility in the market through our Awards program and our responsible travel promotion program.
      • Certification is available to destinations of all sizes, including country-wide implementation programs.


      • Join our large network of tourism professionals, anisations and academic institutions. More than 60 sustainable tourism experts from over 50 different countries are in our Representative network.
      • Share knowledge and experiences with colleagues from around the world.
      • Open call for destination managers and tourism professionals that want?to promote our program.


      Certification Program

      Do you need to assess sustainability performance in your destination? We offer a complete, affordable and easy-to-use Assessment, Awards & Certification program that meets the needs of both small and large destinations.

      Top 100 Competition

      This yearly competition highlights good practice stories in destination management of local and regional destinations, as inspiring examples to other destinations, tour operators and travelers. Open to destinations worldwide.

      Training Courses

      We aim to empower destinations and communities by providing accessible learning opportunities to improve tourism competencies, enhancing competitiveness and making places better and more sustainable.

      START Toolkit

      The Program aspires to gather an affordable, holistic and powerful set of tools?that will help destinations to better assess, monitor, benchmark and forecast their path towards a more resilient and abundant environment.



      At Green Destinations we adopted a decentralised approach to our programs by operating a large network of partners and representatives: professionals ranging from independent consultants to NGOs, national tourism boards and government agencies.

      Find out here where is your nearest partner and/or how to become one.


      Over the years, more than 400 destinations have joined our programs, gathering a large sustainable destinations community. By joining our programs, your destination will become part of this network, share knowledge and experiences with colleagues from around the world.


      Any questions about how to join our programs?
      Fill out the contact form on the right or simply send us an e-mail to:

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